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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Massacre in the Hive City 000.333 M42

Preferring the old-fashioned way of travel, Sgt. Slab makes his way to a landing zone in order to extract the bulk of his forces with the Warmaster in tow. Fringe teleportation technology was definitely not something Sgt. Slab was going to rely on for a mission of this import. 

Fully aware of the gravity of the evolving situation, Aximand lies in  ambush, ready to attack the caravan making off with his brother. Before he can spring his trap on the Cadian regiment something is called to his attention. From his concealed position he receives a note from one of his acolytes written in jagged cursive of someone in a dire rush. Immediately upon reading it he destroys it viciously, along with the poor acolyte delegated to deliver the message. 


The Cadian Column

Summoned back to Cadia Sgt. Slab marches his regiment towards the designated pickup zone on Solar Mariatus.

His cargo so precious he has been honored by the presence of the Lord Castellan himself. 

But they have been stalked...

The Black Legion spring their ambush, 

and they have come in force.

The Cadians can't be allowed to make it off of the planet with the Warmaster in tow!

Sgt. Slab Immediately identifies the severity of the incoming threat. 

Members of the commissariat bellow their orders, 

and the Cadians quickly draw their lanes of fire. 

Their column has been completely surrounded!

"Las-Weapons! Ready!"

Legionaries bear down from all directions.

The mobilized units are quick to react.

A psychic force senses it's prey.

Horus Aximand reveals himself to the Cadians

After raising his obsidian crystal, and bringing down the full force of his ancient weapon upon Cadian artillery

Effective fire power rains in on the guardsmen from all directions sewing chaos, and fear.

Turn 2

Turn 2

A warp sorcerer reaches out with psychic tendrils, 

and a handful of bullgryns feel compelled to leave the safety of the column.

Sgt. Slab has a bone to pick. 

Human radicals spill out onto the streets.

Easy pickings for this sentinel ace. 

Creed peeks out the back hatch of his chimera to drink in the view.

A venerated Landraider guns it for the closest target.

Urged on by their leader, the bullgryns charge towards the out-flankers,

all the while letting loose their hand-cannons. 

Heavy weapon's fire sees this rhino destroyed.

A powerful shriek sent through the warp sends a bullgryn's eyeball shooting loose from it's socket. 

Foot soldiers follow the initiative shown by Slab, and scramble to get line of sight.

The Landraider's payload comes close to incapacitating this Leman Russ.

The commissar sings his chorus of commands amidst the carnage.

Aximand recives a flesh wound as he makes his way towards some infantry.

Massed bolter fire rips through the soft flesh of Slab's two confidants.

Another Basilisk from further down the column makes it into the fight, 

But a Black Legion Air asset shows up in a direct counter.

It targets the weaker back armour of a distracted battle tank.

Turn 3

Turn 3

Guardsmen continue to advance towards the out-flankers, 

climbing through the rubble, and bolter fire.

"Sir, there is a large enemy presence east of the column!"

"Frag out!"

The damaged battle tank maneuvers away from the threat, as another Leman Russ lumbers into the battle zone from further down the column. 

Small arms fire bounces off of Aximand's gilded armour.

An all terrain vehicle rushes a small unit.

The singing commisar catches a glimpse of a large black shadow moments before being roasted to a crisp.

Finally, after losing all of his fanatical retinue Aximand makes it into face-to-face combat with un-enhanced humans.

It's something he relishes. It remindes him of a time before he was at war with his gene-brothers.

It was a nice thought; in fact it was his last thought

before his body explodes into wet pink mist

"Where do you think YOU'RE going?"

On the other side of the battle field a lone soldier watches helplessly 

as the Black Legionaries draw their aim, 

and release mass-reactive hell on Sgt. Slab.

He meets his fate in the streets of Solar Mariatus doing the will of the God Emperor.

A black shadow hunts Creed, as his chimera punches the gas in the opposite direction.


"Get back in the fight!"

 "Bring it down!"

"First Rank!"

"Second Rank!"


So it was that both Sgt. Slab, and the ancient Horus Aximand died on that day; though the body of Horus Aximand could not be recovered his status has been officially recorded as 'deceased'. 

Due to the vicious nature of the attack on the imperial column that day the Black Legion attackers managed to seize the part of the caravan transporting Ezekyle Abaddon. 

The entire Cadian gate shakes under the quakes of battle, and Uskar Creed stands within striking distance of the Warmaster.