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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Monthly Cadian Sector Imperial Report


At the turn of the Millennium direct orders from the Administratum is handed down to Supreme Commander Uskar Creed to route the Black Legion forces from the Cadian System by all means necessary. Forward operating Sergeant Slab is mobilized, and strikes deep into Black Legion territory. Slab and his forces make planet fall; One hundred million Solar Mariatus inhabitants are exterminated with extreme prejudice. Our lord Emperor's force secure a foothold on the planet.


Three weeks after our raid on the Solar Mariatus space port the Black Legion respond with military force. The Warmaster of Chaos sends his brother Horus Aximand to retake the space port. Due to the weather conditions our standard recording devices were compromised. Some images of the battle can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/YWu2A . New personnel cameras have been issued; in the future better quality accounts of our encounters will be recorded, and uploaded.


Sergeant Slab is a credit to the Imperium, and showed his strategic genius on the battle field working in conjunction with Eliazar of the Dark Angels. Not only were the forces of Horus Aximand repelled, but the heretic himself was captured. 2 Black Legion military assets managed to escape the spaceport.