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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Second Monthly Cadian Sector Imperial Report


Immediately after hearing about Aximand's capture, Abaddon dispatches an Astartes kill team. Their task: retrieve Little Horus, and gain intelligence on his captors.


The kill team comprised of ten Astartes infiltrates Sgt. Slab's forces, and intercepts Little Horus' caravan. 

The unwitting men of Cadia realize their being ambushed.

A full imperial dossier on the encounter can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/vTNO0 . In an unfortunate turn of events for the Cadian sector Horus Aximand was liberated, and fled to the Hive Cities of Solar Mariatus.


Infuriated by the news of Aximand's escape Sgt. Slab leads a full fledged crusade across the surface of Solar Mariatus. The wake of Slab's sojourn to the hive cities of Solar Mariatus leaves twelve-million-eight-hundred-forty-two-thousand civilians homeless, and dying from exposure. Two Terran weeks after the rescue, Sgt. Slab once again encounters Little Horus on the battle field; his forces replenished.

The presence of Sgt. Slab on the battlefield causes Aximand a second thought; he won't be captured a second time, and assassination is on his mind.

The forces of Little Horus:

The Hammer of Cadia:

The engagement is long and drawn out with horrendous casualties on both sides. Amidst the chaos of battle the black legion assassins seize a fleeting opportunity at revenge. Black Legion terminators deep strike into Cadian ground, within striking distance of a wounded Sgt. Slab.

Covering fire from commander Pask allows for Sgt. Slab to escape the battle, albeit with grievous wounds. Little Horus is defeated by the genius-ogre once again. Both forces disengage cleanly: Aximand flees to the forward sentry array south east of the Hive Cities with another loss under his belt. A full imperial dossier on the encounter can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/2lyWy


After the forced encounter at the Hive City Sgt. Slab's raids on the people of Solar Mariatus diminished. His temper cooled after successfully routing the forces of Aximand for a second time the Strategic Genius of an Ogre fortifies his position.

With the events on Solar Mariatus taking center stage, Ulmar the Cadian Psyker (now in possession of a fully operational Baneblade) makes planet fall on Korolis, launching him self closer to the conflict in the sector.