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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Third Monthly Cadian Sector Imperial Report 

Operation Competent Siege 000.218.M42 

Two Terran weeks after Ulmar arrives at the space port, he orders his fully operation Bane Blade to be loaded onto a medium corvette. A small fleet of frigates are allocated to the defense of  his prized war machine as it makes for Solar Mariatus. Operation: Competent Siege is initiated.

Ulmar catches the defending forces by surprise; striking from low orbit he attacks with the aid of some early conflict reinforcements in the form of two venerable space marines. Chaotic battle lines are drawn at the outskirts of the Forward Sentry array on Solar Mariatus.

The objectives are clear: Seize control of the Forward Sentry Array, and eliminate as many enemy assets as possible.

 ***Located at the edge of the Eye of Terror, Cadia forms the first line of defense against Chaos incursions, such as the Black Crusades. Because of this, Cadia is one of the most strategically important planets in the Galaxy, and the entire population is militarized to some degree.***

The Black Legion make their presence known on the southern flank. 

 ***During Abaddon's 13th Black Crusade, the Cadians had to fight on their own soil. In the early stages of the Crusade, they confronted and destroyed the Volscani Cataphracts (a renegade Imperial Guard army) at the Battle of Tyrok Fields.***

 Horus Aximand employs Infernal Relics from the great crusade.

Super Heavy Asset revealed.

Cadian battle lines are drawn.

The calm before the storm; both formations stare each other down over relatively open ground.

Sensing an opportunity during the first moments of battle, Horus raises a multi-faceted obsidian crystal, and points it directly at enemy armour.

The Eye of Night unleashes an ebony beam which cracks out across the battle field striking both of the Imperial guard heavies pictured. The Cadian Leman Russ Executioner suffers a massive power failure, while the Bane Blade also fails to resist the malignant touch.

The Cadian heavy armour shakes off the internal damage, and turns to face some Black Legion deep strikers. They are promptly transformed into slicks of gore.

A low-flying Storm Raven Gun ship delivers it's payload.

Imperial Guard air assets arrive to help resist the Black Legions push towards Ulmar.

A Sanguinary Priest watches idly as massed fire power sees the Bane Blade destroyed in an apocalyptic explosion.

***As the fires of war rage around them, the men of  Cadia stand firm***

Cadian Scion assassins seek out their prey. Small arms are not much of a match for malefically artificed tactical dreadnought armour.

A relic from the long war lines up an angle against the Blood Angel ancient.

***The Victor lives in honour; the Vanquished dies in shame***

A drake beast from the Eye of Terror looks to devour Cadian Flesh

The unfettered dreadnought seizes an opportunity to butcher the enemy command.

Ulmar is wounded, his cries for mercy lost among the din of battle. The Black Legion forces envelop the remaining Cadian troops, and crush them to a man. Ulmar is captured alive by Horus Aximand; Operation Competent Siege is a failure.