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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Catastrophic Loss of life 000.272.M42

Prosan of the Cadian system in the Segmentum Obscures has been tectonically compromised. Intelligence suggests that the offending agent is an energy-cannon of immeasurable magnitude. The death toll on the forgeworld has been astronomic; latest reports confirming planet wide social break down, and prevalent rioting.

Reports show Renegade Legion war vessels encroaching deep into imperial controlled space.

Prosan Super-heavy asset production: 50%
Current human casualty estimation: 411,430,000


Counter attack necessity: Imperative. 
Likely hood of success at current Navy strength: Miniscule – Nil
Location of nearest en-route Navy reinforcements: Bellis Corona system
Reinforcement ETA: 1-2 Terran cycles
Reinforcement constituents: 50% strength Blood Angel Company, 7 Imperial Navy Battle ships

"And furthermore it is our conclusion that such a machine therefore does not exist and any personnel claiming to have seen it are deluded. It has been proven to a high degree of probability that the destruction of Kharlos II is wholly the result of coincidental seismic activity."

— From the conclusions of the preliminary report on the destruction of Kharlos II by the Imperial Commissar for Mortal Truth