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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Somewhere on Vigilatum 000.289.M42

Lenny and Omar milled about on a planet which they only knew as Cadia 6 . All the while smoking chemcigs, and shooting the shit they stood guard; tasked with the protection of a southern entrance to an industrial manufactorum of some importance.  Dust danced around them in tall grey plumes, filling their nostrils with black sludge. Lenny bent over to examine a small golden coin he had spotted on the ground.   

“How fortunate for me,” he said. Omar had been eyeing the coin himself.

A sudden crash disturbed the two guards. The entrance to the furnace like factory opened. A colossal draw bridge dropped to the ground beside them. A wide-eyed Omar gazed past his comrade, peering into the fiery forge.

A dark figure approached from within. The shadow had an oblong silhouette complete with strange throngs, and outward jutting drills. As he drew closer the two guards took a knee, and bowed their heads. The gesture wasn’t born of respect, but rather a reaction to the deafening dirge that followed the drill-man. Omar and Lenny both clenched their ears, and writhed wretchedly on the ground. Their bodies vibrated as if the ground itself was a taut string receiving a rhythmic thrashing.

From the depths of the fiery forge appeared a bulky bronze war machine. It rolled forward on massive metal tracks; each link crashed into the ground creating schisms between this place and the next, through which desperate daemons peered out from. Atop its tank like base sat a god’s torso creating a centaur like visage. Flames licked out from its warp-forged mask, and a tremendous cleaver hung at its side.

Omar and Larry managed to look up from the ground once it had passed. With the god machine rolling into the distance the mortals rose to their feet, and watched as the colossal draw bridge closed. Omar sighed as a feeling relief washed over him. After a glance at his bewildered buddy he quickly bent over, and snatched up the small gold coin.