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Monday, 1 June 2015

Abaddon's Alpha Strike 000.300.M42 

Bored with his Legion's stagnation in the center of the system Abaddon decides to lead a spear-tip assault personally. After a week long mobilization effort at his behest, a highly elite Black Legion force descends upon Solar Mariatus. 

Departing from the hellish warp forges of Vigiliatum the Crimson Path reaches deep into the heart of the Hive Cities of Solar Mariatus.  

The strategic genius that he is, Sgt. Slab prepares to expertly repel the inbound Legionaries.

The full weight of the Black Legion crashes into the stalwart sons of Cadia. 

A colossal daemon engine from the eye towers over the battle field.

It's tyranny is halted by the most diligent defenders of the Gate. A tempest of imperial fury exorcises the never-born's energy from the machine in an apocalyptic explosion, choking the air with thick black smoke.

In a weaker moment of intractable excitement Ezekiel chases violence. In his uncompromising pursuit of combat he is caught exposed by a flanking arm of Sgt. Slab's company. 

Lascannon after lascannon unload into the back of the Warmaster, and ultimately bring him low. He drops Drach'nyen; the slightest hint of a grin on his face. 

The assault on Slab is an obvious failure. Over the din of his ringing ego he can make out the familiar sound of lasfire; surely the sounds of his hounds being put down. 

Laying on his back his vision begins to creep in from the edges. A shadow looms above him blocking rays of sunshine.

"I'm just trying to bring the same truth to you that the natives of this system gifted to my father's brother. The least you could-" 

"You sleep now", said the giant above him. Without missing a beat Sgt. Slab lifts his shield, and slams it down across the bridge of Ezekyle's nose.